2-7-2014 S42092

Playlist for 2-7-2014 S42092
Bob Marley & the Wailers/Twilight Circus - "Lively Up Yourself" dub remix
Bob Marley & the Wailers/Capt. Tez - "Exodus" remix
Jimi Hendrix/Capt. Tez - "Freedom" remix
Queen/Capt. Tez - "We Will Rock You" remix
Alborosie ft. Junior Reid - "Respect"
Bitty McLean - "True True True"
Jigsy King - "Weed Ina Mi Head"
Cornell Campbell - "100 Pounds of Collie"
Niney The Observer - "Bring de Koutchie Come"
Derrick Morgan - "Forward March"
Count Ossie Grounation - "Cool Breeze"
Derrick Morgan - "The Hop"
Don Drummond - "Man in the Street"
Prince Buster - "Don't Throw Stones" 
The Skatalites - "Guns of Navarone"
Agent Sasco - "Smart Phone"
Romain Virgo - "Freedom"
Chris Martin - "In and Out"
Cecile - Get Me Hooked"
Loyal Flammes - "Nun Hype"
Zagga7, Stronger & Gentleman ft. Richie Stephens "Days Like These"
Kabaka - "Youth Need To Know"

Marion Hall (Lady Saw) – “God Almighty”

Andy Fairley – “Ghost”

Michael Rose – “Never Give It Up”

Angie Angel – “Rasta Man”

Tony Rebel – “Loyal Soldier”

The Viceroys – “Slogan on the Wall””,  “Miracle” &  “Brother and Sistren” 

The Rastafarian Elders – “Love is to Open Jah Door”

Ras Sam Brown – “For You Dub”

Bongo Herman – “Nosey Joe Version”

Jalal – “Children of the Future”

Peter Tosh – “I’m the Toughest” 
























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