Christmas Party Part Two


‘Mas!!! Love this time of year! Everything’s Irie! And tonight I get to share the 2nd half of my Christmas card to all the lil raggamuffins out there in the dark! There’ll be more great music from the fabulous Studio One Band & Joe Gibbs’ Professionals, lotsa traditional & fresh yuletide songs from some of reggae’s brightest stars, sheer madness from shipmates Joe Flaherty & Eddie Lawrence, a timeless presentation of O.W. Jeeves’ production of “A Christmas Carol” (which sounds suspiciously like The Mercury Theatre). ‘Tis the season when I get to slip into a tacky old red & green cardigan, pose by the fireplace, sip one of Old Blind Pew’s magical punches, fire up my ancient briar & broadcast my annual Dread of Night Christmas Special! Merry Christmas

& May Jah Bless Us Everyone!

* * *


Dread of the Night presents reggae on your wireless each Friday night from 10 until midnight e.s.t. over The Dreadnet via these links & online flagship station WITT  itself  streaming via  community radio WITT-FM (91.9). You can enjoy an encore Dread of Night broadcast from earlier this season at 2 a.m. Eastern Standard Time Saturday morning immediately following The Hermit’s “Stuck in the Psychedelic Era”. In the United States this over-the-air signal originates from the ville of  Zion (where else?), but Dread has countless listeners around the world. Any of these 3 highlighted links should get you to the program. If you click on the above link you’ll find yourself at WITT’s web site, then click their streaming button, you should be able to tune in to the weekly jump up.

Should any link reach their streaming maximum, try one of the other supplemental streaming links below.

Here are two additional streaming links for the program:1) Go to the following link page and click the lightning bolt by WITT

or 2) Try;

  Now turn up the bass and the volume! The signal will open  via iTunes.




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