9-26-2014 S420123

Playlist 9-26-2014 S420123
The music heard on Dread of Night comes from a myriad of sources – a lot of vinyl (45s, LPs, EPs, 12″ 45s, dub plates, one offs, previews, promos, test pressings & specials), cassettes (still a popular medium in JA), CDs, MP3s, DATs (a disappointing medium that is dissolving faster than any analog-based medium I’ve ever used) & vintage reel-to-reel analog recordings (always threatening to instantly become a pile of rust dust). There may even be a few wire recordings in a back corner of the vault, but there are miles to go before I sleep so I seldom venture back there.  The program airs selections from a half century of collecting Jamaican or Jamaican-inspired music. Much of this isn’t readily available elsewhere. Some of it is quite rare & obscure. It’s my distinct pleasure to share it with you.  With each show I’ll endeavor to list song titles though occasionally I may well be vexed to recall just what did come next or in the case of this edition, what came first… 
? – ?
Michael Rose – “Happiness” 
Black Uhuru – “Happiness” live
The Dub Syndicate – “Hi Fi Gets a Pounding”
John Holt & the Paragons w/U-Roy – “Wear You To the Ball”
Justine Hinds and the Dominoes – “Botheration”
The Mad Professor, Dougie Digital & Juggler – Kunta Kinte Jungle”

African Headcharge – “Animal Law”
Bob Marley and the Wailers – “Ride Natty Ride”
Playing For Change – “Gimme Shelter”
Bob Marley – Jammin’ (Benny Benassi remix)
Prince Jammy & Scientist – “Dub Trap Stylee”
Linval Thompson – “Pretty Little Girls” & dub
Gyptian – “Dagger Through My Heart”
I-Octane – “Don Talk”
Mad Cobra – “Closet”

RFK – “In the Shade Dub”

Shockman & Dub ID – “Kalimba Dub”

Maneesh The Twister & The Spit Brothers – “Were Upstairs”

Sukh Knight – “Ganja Dub”

Sharmaji – “Skank Ethics”

Innerlign – “Poppin”
 j sKRillz 
Dubblestandart with Lee “Scratch” Perry – “Let ‘Em Take It Dub”
Carlton Livingston – “100 Weight of Collie Weed”
      j denotes the juggler of the previous set

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