Playlist for 8-17-2012

     The music heard on Dread of Night comes from a myriad of sources – a lot of vinyl (45s, LPs, dub plates, one offs, previews, promos, test pressings & specials), cassettes (still a popular medium in JA), CDs, MP3s DATs (a disappointing medium that is dissolving faster than any analog-based medium I’ve ever used) & vintage reel-to-reel analog recordings (always threatening to instantly become a pile of rust dust). There may even be a few wire recordings in a back corner of the vault, but there are scary old daguerreotypes from my childhood back there so I seldom venture that direction.  It’s the sum total of a half century of collecting Jamaican music. Much of this music isn’t readily available elsewhere. Some of it is quite rare & obscure. It’s my distinct pleasure to share it with you.  With each show I’ll endeavor to list song titles though occasionally I may well be vexed to recall just what did come next. 

Bob Marley & the Wailers – “War/No More Trouble” live

Bob Marley & the Wailers – “I Shot the Sheriff” live

The Duke Reid All Stars – “Stolen Stolen” & a taste of “Duke’s Cookies”

UB 40 – “Legalize It”

Prince Far I & the Arabs – “Mansion of the Almighty”

Black Uhuru – “Darkness/Dubness”

The Slickers – “Johnny Too Bad”

Gregory Issacs – “End of the World”

Dennis Brown – “Never Can Say Goodbye”

Rupie Edwards – “Irie Feelings”

Bottlehead – “Fine Style”

        The second hour of this jump up’s program is dedicated to the Dub Days (daze?). Just as I realize Big Hubert doesn’t tell me absolutely everything that goes into his recipes, so it is with my Dub Days shows.  Included are the Pablos (Doctor & Augustus), the Dub Syndicate, King Tubby, Prince Jammy, Scientist, the Mad Professor & others.

        Making cameo appearances along with Ras Sam Brown are the Firesign Theater, Dr. Hunter S. Thompson, Marcus Garvey, Dr. Timothy Leary, Aleister Crowley, a growling dog, Bela Lugosi, Arlene Francis & a cat. 

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