Playlist for 6-8-2012

The music heard on Dread of Night comes from a myriad of sources – a lot of vinyl (45s, LPs, dub plates, one offs, previews, promos & specials), cassettes (still a popular medium in JA), CDs, MP3s, reel-to-reel recordings – there’s rumoured to be a few wire recordings in a back corner of the vault, but the air’s bad back there so I seldom venture that deep.  It’s the sum total of a half century of collecting Jamaican music. Much of this music isn’t readily available elsewhere. Some of it is quite rare & obscure. It’s my distinct pleasure to share it with you.  With each show I’ll endeavor to list song titles though occasionally I may be vexed to recall just what did come next.

Audio Active – “Kick the Bong Around”

Culture – “Who Is the Boss?”

Smash Mouth – “Road Man”

Prince Malachi – “Jah Be the Shield”

Marcia Griffiths – “Try a Little Smile”

Bob Marley & Busta Rhymes – “Rastaman Chant”

Dennis Brown – “Count Your Blessings”

Bob Marley/Bill Laswell – “Heathen”
          Dialogue – Bongo Shep  

          Dialogue – Sista Bubbles

Peter Tosh – “Rastafari Is” live

Half Pint – “Greetings”

Black Uhuru – “Mother of Iration” & “Psychopathic Drunkies” 

Big Youth – “Skank S90”

Chaka Demis & Pliers – “Murder She Wrote”

The Rastafarian Elders – “Trodding to Zion”

Ras Sam Brown – “Victory Dub” & “Kette Dub”

The Rastafarian Elders – “Trodding to Zion” reprise

Tommy McCook – “Real Cool”

The Techniques – “There Comes a Time”

The Sensations – “Baby Love”

The Jamaicans – “Woman Go Home”

The Melodians – “What More Can I Say?”

The Skatalites – “Whispering Grass Dub”

On-U Sound System – “There’s Something Wrong with Human Nature”


6-8-2012 — 2 Comments

  1. Is this the dish you mentioned on our blog when we had the Caribbean-style Red Beans & Rice? It sonuds so good. In fact, it was so good. The coconut milk really soothes any potential burn from the pepper, so those two work well together.

    • the rastafarian reiolign is based off some of the stuff in the bible. Although the rasta reiolign worships another spirit other than god. They do take some information from the bible and interpret it into there own version.

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