6-27-2014 S420111


Playlist for 6-27-2014 S42111

The music heard on Dread of Night comes from a myriad of sources – a lot of vinyl (45s, LPs, EPs, 12″ 45s, dub plates, one offs, previews,

promos, test pressings & specials), cassettes, CDs, MP3s, DATs & vintage reel-to-reel analog recordings. The program airs selections from a

half century of collecting Jamaican or Jamaican-inspired music. Much of this isn’t readily available elsewhere. Some of it is quite rare &

obscure. It’s my distinct pleasure to share it with you. I, of course, make no claim to ownership of any pre-recorded materialsWith each

show I’ll endeavor to list song titles though occasionally I may well be vexed to recall just what did come next. 

Damian Marley  – “Trenchtown Rock” & “Searching”  





Everton Blender & Prezident Brown – “If You Want To Dance”


Easy Star All-Stars (Corey Harris & Ranking Joe) – “Time”


Africa Head Charge vs. Professor Stretch – “Drums of Defiance”




Yet Another Chapter of “The Sea Cook”


Stranger Cole – “Bangarang”


Scientist “Miss Know It All”


Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry – “Who Colt the Game?”




King Tubby – “Coversation Dub”, “Burn A Challawa” & “Watergate Rock”




Chronnix – “Rastaman Wheel Out”




Gyptian featuring Kes – The Band – “Wet Fete”




I-Octane featuring Ky-Mani Marley – “A Yah Wi Deh”




Stranger Cole & Tommy McCook – “Last Flight To Reggae City”




Stranger Cole – “Just Like A River”




Lyn Tait & The Jets – “El Casino Royal” & “Sleepy Lady”




Erroll Dunkley – “Brotherly Love”




Jackie Robinson – “Over And Over”




Mellotones – “I’m Gonna Let You”




Clancy Eccles – “C. N. Express”




The Creations – “Holding Out”


          j – Yessai Crew


Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry – “I Do Voodoo”




Mungo’s Hi Fi featuring Charlie P – “Nice It Up”




Bob Marley & The Wailers – “Easy Skanking”




Flux Pavilion – “Excuse My Spliff”




Adrian Sherwood – “Silly Old Dub” (under dub)




The Royals – “Peace and Love Dub”




“j” denotes the guest juggler for the previous set while our hot mixer takes a break. Our own turntablist, Ras Eddie Ile, then, has an 

opportunity to join the crowd before the stacks to visit, go to Blind Pew’s Bar for an armagnac, get a bite to eat from the sideboard, 

chat up the pretty girls who gather in front of the tower or join the riffraff who gather behind playing dominoes, although generally 

he crawls up to the control tower roof and does his outdoor dance.  











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