12-5-2014 S420132

Playlist for 12-5-2014 S420132
The music heard on Dread of Night comes from a myriad of sources – a lot of vinyl (45s, 12″ 45s, EPs, LPs, dub plates, one offs, test pressings, previews, promos & specials), cassettes, CDs, MP3s, DATs & vintage reel-to-reel analog recordings (always threatening to instantly become a pile of rust dust). What you hear is the sum total of a half century of collecting Jamaican music. Much of this music isn’t readily available elsewhere. Some of it is quite rare & obscure. It’s my distinct pleasure to share with you. 

With each show I’ll endeavor to list songs here though occasionally I may well be vexed to recall exact titles or just what did come next. Psycho acoustic dub adventures – aka specials or dub daze – often defy title and  explanation. Raymoan Ameche is supposed to keep track of these things and he does take copious notes during each weekly jump up, however Ras Eddie Ille maintains our dibby dibby soundboy can neither read nor write. 



Audio Active – “Apollo Choco” remix
The Shadows  – “Brother Noah” &  “Noah’s Dub”
                 w/ Lee Perry & the Upsetters
Bob Marley – Funkstar Deluxe remix – “Sun Is Shining”
Israel Vibrations – “Rude Boy Shufflin” live
The Fellow Travelers – “Yes To Dub”
Culture (Scientist mix) – “Black Hole”
Another installment of The Sea Cook
UB40 & Chrissie Hynde – “Breakfast in Bed”
Lorna Bennett – “Breakfast in Bed”
Scotty w/Lorna Bennett  – “Skank in Bed” 
Bob Marley and The Wailers – “No More Trouble” & “Three Little Birds”
Ansel Collins – “Spanish Town Road”
Val Bennett – “Reggae City”
Exco Levi – “Reggae Calling”
Zebulun – “What A Crime”
Damian Marley & Barrington Levy – “Healthy”
Lee Scratch Perry & Dubblestandart – “I Foo China”
Ginjah – “No Regrets”
Elephant Man – “Chikungunya”
Peter Tosh – “Bumbo Klaat” dub 
Peter Tosh & Apha Steppa – “Stepping Razor” remix
The Royals – “Waizero”
Black Slate – “Leagalize Collie Herb” & version
The Twinkle Brothers – “Jahovia” & version

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