Playlist for 10-11-2013   
Scientist -
Prince Buster
Garnett Silk
Reggae Bubblers
Mad Professor
          Riddim 101 - The Go Hard Riddim
Gyptian - "Do It Like That"
Ginjah - New Style
Real Steela - "Touch Me"
Half Pint - "Set The Order"
G Maffiah - "Eveything New"
Junie Platinum - "Nuff Gal Nuh Inna"
True Blacks - "Band Mind
Mr K - "Video Light"
Power Man - "Flat Screen Belly"
Anthony Que - "She Don't Love Mi"
Beekie Bailoey - "Mi A Chat"
Roundhead - "Reheal Vibes"
Algebra - "Danehall Prayer"
          J Dj Tek
Peter Tosh - Words
King Tubby featuring Augustus Pablo - "Glass House"
Peter Tosh - 
     "Jah Guide Dub"; 
     Speech Dub from 'Planet Dub The Icebreakers With The Diamonds'; 
     "Fight On Dub"; 
  show intro from "Live Boston 1976" (under dub); 
  "Recruiting For Jah's Army" remix; 
     "Burial" Dub Versions 1 & 2"; 
     "Dubbing Buk-In-Ham", 
     "Legalize It" dub 
     "Don't Look Back (Don't Space Out)"  
                                                                       J denotes the guest juggler for the previous set 

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