10-10-2014 S420125

Playlist for 10-10-2014 S420125

The music heard on Dread of Night comes from a myriad of sources – a lot of vinyl (45s, LPs, dub plates, one offs, test pressings, previews, promos & specials), cassettes (still a popular medium in JA), CDs, MP3s DATs (a disappointing medium that is dissolving faster than any analog-based medium I’ve ever used) & vintage reel-to-reel analog recordings (always threatening to instantly become a pile of rust dust). What you hear is the sum total of a half century of collecting Jamaican music. Much of this music isn’t readily available elsewhere. Some of it is quite rare & obscure.

It’s my distinct pleasure to share with you.  With each show I’ll endeavor to list song titles though occasionally I may well be vexed to suss out just what did come next.

I, of course, make no claim to ownership of any pre-recorded materials.


Dillard Hartford & Dillard – “Two Hits and the Joint Turned Brown”

African Herbsman underdub
One Drop rehearsal
The Wailers & the Upsetters – African Herbman
The Wailers (Junior Braithwaite, Cherry Smith, Beverly Kelso, Peter MacIntosh, Bunny Livingston & Bob Marley) – ” Teenager in Love
The Wailers – “Mr. Chatterbox”

The Wailing Wailers (Peter, Bunny & Bob) – “Diamond Girl” &  “Playboy”

The Wailing Rudeboys & the Skatalites – “Hooligan”
The Wailers & the Soul Brothers – “One Love”
The Upsetters – “Put It On” – rhythm track

The Wailers & the Upsetters – “Put It On”, “Fussin’ and Fightin'”,  “Duppy Conqueror” &  “Kaya” 

Bill Lazwell & Bob Marley – “Waiting in Vain”

The Wailers & The Upsetters – “Mr. Brown” & “Soul Rebel” 

Bob Marley & The Wailers – “Jamming” live,  “Rebel Music (3 O’clock Road Block)”, “Zion Train” 12″ 45, 

                                                             “Pass It On”,  “Rastaman Chant”, “Time Will Tell”,  
                                                             “Get Up Stand Up” (live alternative take)  & “I Shot the Sheriff” (live alternative take)





































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